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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Adorno on Israel

As you may recall, the prize being awarded by the city of Frankfurt, Germany on 9/11 to Jew washer Judith Butler is called the Adorno prize. It is so-named for German sociologist Theodore Adorno.

Seeing a hint of Adorno's views on Israel can probably safely lead one to conclude that Adorno would not approve of Butler receiving the prize.
A reader sent me a quotation by Adorno on Israel after the 1967. This brilliant man sounded like Abraham Foxman when he talked about Israel. I told the reader that Max Horkheimer was even worse: but remember that Horkheimer even turned against the student movement in Germany. You can be brilliant and dumb at the same time.

PS Marcuse had a very different take: he was quite critical of Israel. I met with his widow shortly after arriving into the US and we talked extensively about his views, and she told me that he was very critical of Israel.
I know I have a Marcuse critic among my readers and that she won't be surprised by that quote.

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