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Thursday, August 02, 2012

White House agrees with Netanyahu: Sanctions have had no effect

White House spokesman Jay Carney issued a statement on Wednesday agreeing with Prime Minister Netanyahu: Sanctions have done nothing to stop Iran from its pursuit of nuclear weapons.
Iran has "yet to make the choice it needs to make, which is to abandon its nuclear weapons ambitions," Carney said. "We completely agree with the prime minister's assessment that Iran has failed to make that choice and that is absolutely a disappointment."


In another statement of agreement with the Israeli prime minister, Carney added that sanctions were having "a significant effect on the Iranian economy."

Discussions over the effectiveness of international sanctions on Iran came as the US House of Representatives debated the implementation of a fresh round, closing in on the goal of imposing new penalties on Iran before the August Congressional recess.

The measure was expected to be approved by the House and Senate later in the day or Thursday before being sent to the White House for the president’s signature.

The new bill provides for sanctions on anyone who invests in Iran’s oil or natural gas sector, who provides refined petroleum products to Iran, who joins in energy ventures with Iran or who transports Iranian crude oil, closing several existing loopholes.
That's very nice. But here's the real question: Given that this administration did all it could to oppose sanctions against Iran last December, what would happen were this not an election year? What will happen after November 7 if God forbid Obama wins? For that matter, what will happen between November 7 and January 20 if Obama loses? What could go wrong?

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