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Friday, August 31, 2012

Uber-Leftist LA Times promotes anti-Semitic meme

The article and picture above (the two guys with Kippot are actually both Lubavitchers) are from the Los Angeles Times' coverage of the Republican National Convention. The Times is promoting the meme that Jewish money is the sole funding behind the Republican party.
Promoting the worst anti-semitic stereotypes, a front page LA Times article on the influence of money in the Republican Party prominently features Jewish donors and, for emphasis, adds a photo of two men wearing Kippot (see below, 8/30/12, pp. 1, 8). As to the many individuals who give the vast majority of funds to the GOP and are not Jewish, the LA Times declines to identify their religi0n. Blatant anti-semitism is characteristic, and underlies much, of the virulently anti-Israel coverage in the LA Times.
But would you expect otherwise from the Leftist media?

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At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be absurd. Just because the photo they happened to publish happens to be of Lubavitchers, doesn't mean the LA times meant it to mean that it's Jewish money behind the Republican party,

Even absurd you accuse the left, which most Jews are anyway (left wing)

It's no more anti semitic, than it would have been anti black, had they featured Allen West or other black Republicans. Even Sheldon Adelson, the only promienent Jew donating to the Republican party, isn't really accepted by the Christian Conservative base. They see him as a liberal pretending to be a conservative, (that is why Republican Jews are called 'neo-conservatives') he does support abortion, he is pro choice, and that means a lot to the abortion and gun crowd.

By the way, Carl, you're still a neo con. Not a conservative.

So come back to the liberal party, Kapo. You only support the Republicans because the Jesus is coming crowd throw crumbs your way for the settlements. Alas, they won't help you, when it's time for you to vacate.

By the way, Romney's foreign policy (as vocalised yesterday) is no different to Obama's.

He won't attack Iran, he won't let Israel attack Iran, he won't move the US embassy to Jerusalem, and he will regard you as a settler.

Get real, schnorrer. If I were a gambler i'd challenge to a bet, you keep saying Israel will attack Iran, but that is your wet dream.

Obama is in for the next 4 years. Get ready to pack your bags and move to Tel Aviv, or to become a PALESTINIAN.

At 5:27 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Chayma Macht Frei

At 3:49 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

The LA Times is rabidly anti-Semitic. Even though it's owned by a confused Jew named Sam Zell. But then the New York Times is owned by the self-loathing Sulzberger clan. Amalek is alive and well in the good old US of A.


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