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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

This is rich: Anat Kam may sue Haaretz

Anat Kam, who got a four-year jail term for leaking documents she obtained during her IDF service, while her handlers at Haaretz got off scot free, is now threatening to sue Haaretz and reporter Uri Blau for - get this - exposing that she was his source (link in Hebrew). Here's part of a Google translation:
Kam intends to file suit against a newspaper "Haaretz", Uri Blau, due to its exposure as a journalist, he found today (Monday) lawyer, attorney Ilan Bombach, during an appeal filed up to the Supreme Court against the sentence four and a half years imposed on it for delivery of documents IDF's secret. However, the claim will be filed only after the appeal decision, which depends on the sentencing Blau at the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court, after reaching a plea bargain with the prosecution for possession of confidential information.


Bombach also reminded the Tali Fahima convicted in December 2005 into contact with a foreign agent and providing information to the enemy, because of "the tone of regret" was sentenced to three years in prison. "Got completely cooperated with the ISA, once admitted, did not have to shake it or bring the Captain George". Attorney Bombach also argued that KM is not correct to attribute improper ideological motive. "She was young and acted frivolously," he said. He also claimed to be reckoned with in articles and talkbacks against it, that she acquired the label of a traitor, and that she sat for nearly two years under house arrest. He added that if released today, life will be as before, and she always walk around with a mark of Cain.
1,800 documents is an awful lot of documents to give someone 'frivolously.' Something smells really bad here.

Tali Fahima was dating the head of the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades. She wasn't in the IDF. Yes, she was a traitor, but at least she wasn't stealing information as part of her IDF duty. Sorry, but Kam should stay in jail, although Blau should be there with her.

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At 7:03 AM, Blogger Findalis said...

She is lucky. In the US she would have gotten Life in Prison for what she did.

At 9:03 AM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...


Only if she did it for Israel.

At 10:19 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...


Your above comment is both nonsense and a puerile insult to America and American Justice. Very disappointing to read that from a man of your intelligence and legal education. America, however imperfect, is not 1890's France and the wretched, guilty Jonathan Pollard is not the innocent, persecuted Albert Dreyfus.

Here's the facts on some of the other major American traitor spies of the last few decades, all of whom received life sentences and none of whom are, to my knowledge, Jewish:

1. Aldrich Ames-life sentence.
2. Walker spy ring-life sentences for all four participants.
3. Robert Hanssen-life sentence.
4. George Trofimmof-life sentence.

This next one is illustrative. Pelton isn't Jewish and at the same time Pollard got his life sentence, also got a life sentence and like Pollard, will be paroled in 2015.

5. Ronald Pelton-this traitor spy was caught, convicted and sentenced in 1986, about the same time as Jonathan Pollard. Like Pollard, he is covered by Bureau of Prison regulations then extant. So Pelton and Pollard are both scheduled to be paroled from prison in 2015.

You can either do a quick google or Wiki search on these names, if you want to verify their sentences for yourself.

Some quick googling will also bring up links to much more damning information and background on the Pollard case. The more one reads into that case, as I've done, the more one sees the greater harm that Pollard's treasonous espionage did to America.

In more morally clear times, up until the 1950s, America, after giving convicted traitors full due process, executed them. As a US Military veteran and unapologetic neo-con, I generally favor harsh sentences for criminals. The greater the crime, the harsher and more deterrent the sentence should be. In my view, capital punishment was far more just as meeting the extreme severity of the crime and it's damage to America. IMO, it also had a far stronger deterrent effect than does life imprisonment. This would or should apply to all of the above listed people, including Jonathan Pollard.


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