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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Saudi intelligence chief killed in bombing?

I can't confirm this report, and as many of you know I don't like to sole source DEBKA, but this could be a bombshell (in more ways than one) if it's true, and it's beginning to look like it is. It is being reported that newly-appointed Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan was killed in a bomb blast on July 23, four days after he was appointed.
The assassination was purportedly a revenge operation by a Syrian intelligence death squad for the suicide bombing in which four senior Syrian officials were killed on July 19. It is widely feared that Saudi rulers are too traumatized to respond by the fear of Iranian penetration of the highest and most closely guarded circles of Saudi government, possibly climaxing in Bandar’s assassination.

The unconfirmed reports of his death attribute its motive to revenge by Iran and Syria for the bomb explosion five days earlier in Damascus which killed four of Bashar Assad’s top managers of his war on the uprising against his regime.

The prince, son of the late crown prince Sultan, has not been seen in public since Saudi General Intelligence headquarters in Riyadh was hit by a bomb blast Monday, July 23 killing his deputy, Mashaal al-Qarni.


Here's another source saying the same thing, apparently not relying on DEBKA.

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