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Friday, August 03, 2012

Obama's wedge issue

Caroline Glick shows how the Obama administration chose this week to make Israel into a wedge issue in the Presidential campaign.
Given the routine nature of Palestinian hysteria at Romney, and the bipartisan consensus upon which Romney's remarks were based, there was no reason either his remarks or the Palestinians' response to his remarks would spark any controversy in the US. Indeed, given the fact that both US law and the majority of Americans respect Israel's determination that Jerusalem is its capital city, it could have been taken for granted that Obama would keep his head down and hope to avoid further discussion of the issue.

Certainly, given that he had made statements similar to - indeed stronger than - Romney's statements about cultural causes for economic prosperity, it could have been assumed that Obama and his surrogates would have disregarded PA spokesman Saeb Erekat's ridiculous characterization of Romney's statement as "racist."

Given that it is election season, and then-candidate Obama's stated support for Jerusalem as Israel's capital in 2008, the Obama administration could reasonably have made its own endorsement of Jerusalem as Israel's capital city.

But amazingly, the Obama administration has taken the opposite tack. Obama and his media surrogates seized on the Palestinians' criticism of Romney as proof that by embracing the American consensus on Israel, Romney had committed an unforgivable diplomatic faux pas.
Read the whole thing.

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At 7:05 PM, Blogger Max Coutinho said...

Hi Carl,

The problem isn't the fact that Mitt Romney said what everybody says, when running for the WH, about Jerusalem. The problem is the suggestion that Palestinians have an inferior culture, the reason why they are underdeveloped.

Needless to say that the Palestinians are underdeveloped because of politics, because it suits PA (Hamas seems to be doing a better job over at Gaza). However, suggesting that they are an inferior culture is racist, no matter how many turns the Romney camp gives. The fact that you, Carl, do not recognise that is worrisome.

Mitt Romney is not better than President Obama. Mitt Romney is not even a proper alternative to the incumbent President, however that is not the issue here.
What I do not understand is how some Jews (American obviously) stand up for this candidate when he participated in baptisms of Jews, victims of the Holocaust (meaning that he sanctioned such ceremonies). Furthermore, who chooses to visit Israel during the Shabbat and Tisha B'Av? This was highly disrespectful and any Orthodox Jew would agree with me.

So, yes...Mitt Romney committed serious Diplomatic faux-pas. His ME Foreign Policy Preview has a negative grade.


At 7:38 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Seriously, the disaster that is going on in Mexico under the Obama team is some sort of a mirror of what the Obama team has unleashed in the Middle East. Guns sent to drug gangbanger cartels with 50,000+ dead in the streets. Plus injured. Kind of like supporting the bus bombers and rocketeers that the Obamanians are so fond of. A disgusting bunch. If Caroline wants to know more about this in order to draw the comparisons as regards Obama's REAL wedge issues, CHARACTER and MARXIST CALIPHATE thuggery, let me know and I'll send her stuff.


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