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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Whose plane was it and who shot it down?

A reconnaissance plane was shot down over Baalbek in the Bek'aa Valley in eastern Lebanon on Saturday. Hezbullah claims it wasn't theirs.
Voice of Lebanon radio had reported on Saturday that the plane in fact belongs to the party, while Hizbullah later denied to the pan-Arab daily al-Hayat having any links to it.

The daily al-Mustaqbal reported on Sunday that the crash was a result of a failed attempt by the party to launch a drone in the Younine region in Baalbek.

The attempt failed less than a minute after the plane’s take off, it said.

It exploded in the air and crashed on fire where it caused a major blaze in the area, stated the daily.

It added that the attempt is part of a number of maneuvers by the party to try out drones.

Hizbullah members immediately cordoned off the crash site, preventing anyone from entering the area.

The burned drone was transported to an unknown location and the crater that was caused has been filled in, reported al-Mustaqbal.

A security source meanwhile denied to the daily An Nahar that the object was a Hizbullah drone.

It said that the object was in fact a balloon attached to a circular base and metal cable.

The object is able to take off in the air by a candle that is lit inside the balloon, it explained.

The object is able to remain in the air for five to ten minutes, it continued.

Furthermore, it said that the object is readily available in the Lebanese market.
Yeah.... Sure....

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