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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Islamist takeover of the Olympic games

Diana West explains why there was no moment of silence at this year's Olympics despite the support of the US and Germany.
Think of it: The United States, Canada, Germany and Israel have insufficient international influence to obtain, in the sporting arena of international "brotherhood," one minute of respect for the memory of 11 Israeli victims of what we persist in calling "terrorism." In fact, this was an early attack of resurgent jihad.

And therein lies the problem. What we are witnessing is more than a measure of the clout of nations in which the United States and a pathetically small handful of allies come up short. It is the definition of "terrorism" itself that is under contention. In the world of Islam, the 1972 attack by Fatah's Black September terrorists, committed with the support of PLO/PA leaders, is not an outrage against civilization, it's a successful "operation." To this day, these murderers are officially revered in the Palestinian Authority and elsewhere in the Islamic world as "shahids," or Islamic martyrs. Indeed, murdering Israelis is religiously permitted under Islam.

Long before we surrendered one minute of silence for the atheletes and a German policeman killed in the attack, we agreed to perpetual silence on these terrible facts about Islam and jihad. Now, such appalling barbarities do not even enter the quiet sputtering over the IOC's refusal to respect the Olympic war dead.

The terrorist-worshipping PA will field an Olympic team -- in itself an offense against civilization. And this is to be applauded by an IOC leadership that in addition to its usual contingent of European princelings and Jean-Claude Killy, also includes an expanding contingent from the Islamic world. With 46 Islamic nations sending teams to London, practically the whole OIC will be on the field. And that's exactly what Olympics chief Jacques Rogge meant when he said his "hands were tied" in response to the request from the Munich widows.
Read it all.

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At 12:45 PM, Blogger Hutzpan said...

Did you know that the world-famous Jewish anti-semite Daniel Barenboim was among eight people to whom the IOC granted the privilege to carry the Olympic flag in the opening ceremony?
That's a nice addition to their refusal to commemorate the victims of the Munich Massacre. </sarcasm>


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