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Friday, July 13, 2012

Romney: No fundraiser on Tisha b'Av

Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney's campaign has announced that he will not hold a fundraiser on his arrival in Israel on July 29. July 29 is Tisha b'Av, a fast day on which Jews mourn the destruction of the Holy Temples. Previously, it was reported that Romney would hold a $60,000 per plate fundraiser upon his arrival.
Even before landing in Israel as part of a foreign trip that includes Britain, Germany and Poland, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney experienced some of the complexities of Jewish politics - reports that he intends to attend a $50-60 thousand a plate fundraiser in Jerusalem on the day of the Tish'a B'Av fast raised some eyebrows.

Romney's campaign was quick to point out that they were fully aware of the sensitivity of the date - and while Romney will be in Israel, he will not hold fundraising at the time of the fast. When, then? They can't tell, since it's not official yet.
The story I am hearing this morning from sources in the US is that the entire trip is going to be rescheduled.

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