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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Overnight music video and some personal stuff

I guess this is inevitable. It's the first overnight music video after the three week mourning period, and of course I'm going to run a classic video of Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim (If I forget thee O Jerusalem, may my right hand be forgotten, may my tongue cleave to my cheek if I don't remember you, if I don't mention Jerusalem at the head of my moments of joy), which is about the theme of the last three weeks, and which is a part of every Jewish wedding.

Tonight is the first night of another very hectic three week wedding season. So far I one wedding I plan to attend this week (another one next week conflicts with a bigger event for me personally - see below). I also have a Bar Mitzva this week and a wedding right after the three-week period ends.

Thursday is the end of the 12th cycle of the Daf Yomi - the daily folio - in which the entire 2,711 page Babylonian Talmud is being finished. I will be finishing with my daily class, but I am holding off on the siyum (personal celebration) for a week because next Thursday is the yahrtzeit (anniversary of the death) of my mother of blessed memory.

And then there's next Monday, a week from tonight....

Next Monday is Mrs. Carl's and my 31st anniversary, God willing. The smartest decision I ever made in my life....

Next Monday is also the Bar Mitzva of our 18th anniversary present, a very special young man who is finishing the Six Orders of Mishna for his Bar Mitzva, God willing. He's son # 3, child # 6, he's a great kid and we're really proud of him and his amazing set of accomplishments (there's much more I won't go into). The reason I was gone for so many hours today (and I had posted several hours in advance before I left, so I was gone even longer than you realize) was that I had to take him shopping for Bar Mitzva accessories. So if I occasionally disappear during the next week or so, I hope you will understand.

And now, Im Eshkacheich. I'm sorry but I went totally blank on who sang this one.

Let's go to the videotape.

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