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Monday, July 09, 2012

MoveOn.org regrets doing the right thing

Remember Charles Barron, the candidate for Congress in NY-8 who was SO openly anti-Semitic that just about everyone came out against him. Well, one of the organizations that opposed him was MoveOn.org, but now they're having second thoughts. In fact, they now regret having opposed Barron.
The organization received some criticism after the move and it seems that MoveOn truly regrets entering the Democratic primary, which was settled Tuesday of last week with an overwhelming victory by Mr. Jeffries. They sent out another email this evening profusely apologizing again and again for their aggressive rhetoric against Mr. Barron.

“It was offensive and inflammatory—and we shouldn’t have sent it,” the group’s executive director, Justin Ruben, wrote. “On behalf of the MoveOn staff, I apologize to you and to the Brooklyn community.”

The entire email is somewhat incredible, and can be viewed below, along with the original “Unfit to serve” one beneath that:
Read the whole thing.



At 12:34 AM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

All this tells me is that Move On has its feelers out to MSNBC to give Barron a limited time gig there. First he'll be on Al Sharpton then he'll be one of the small boxes in a multiscreen 'debate' on Maddow.


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