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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Jordan practices 'apartheid' against 'Palestinian' refugees from Syria

Why does no one call Jordan an 'apartheid state'? Why is there no 'Jordan apartheid week' on American or European college campuses? 'Human Rights Watch' reports that of the hundreds of refugees arriving in Jordan from Syria every week, those who are of 'Palestinian' origin are being sent to 'holding facilities' (i.e. prisons) and threatened with deportation back to Syria. Why is there no outcry? Why does no one care? Because a hypocritical world cares only when it believes that Israel and the Joooz are doing something wrong. That is the painful truth. And the sooner one acknowledges it, the sooner one is able to appreciate the false narrative that is being given to Israel by the 'international community.'
Jordanian authorities have been turning away Syrian refugees of Palestinian heritage or threatening to deport those who have arrived in Jordan from Syria over the past year, according to a report released Wednesday by Human Rights Watch (HRW).

In addition, reports coming out of northern Jordan suggesting a sharp spike in the number of Syrians seeking refuge over the last few days, with more than 2300 arriving Tuesday, Arab media outlet Al-Jazeera reported Wednesday.

While local residents have been attempting to assist those who have already crossed the border, providing them with makeshift tents and other supplies, the Jordanian authorities are struggling to get a handle on this growing crisis.

“The situation in Syria is out of control,” a local analyst, who frequently assists HRW, told The Jerusalem Post in an interview Wednesday. “The crisis is becoming a religious, regional conflict and it does not seem like there will be a solution found anytime soon.”

Meanwhile, said the analyst, who preferred to remain anonymous, “Jordan must take in these refugees for humanitarian reasons even though we cannot afford to let them set up home permanently here because we just do not have the resources.”

He said that many of those arriving do not have official papers or identification, either because they left their homes in a hurry or because they destroyed them while escaping from Syria.

Another problem, he pointed out, is that many Jordanians, who married Syrians, including those with Palestinian backgrounds, are suddenly seeking Jordanian citizenship for spouses and that could eventually cause a demographic problem for Jordan. The population balance between Jordanians with Palestinian heritage and those without is a contentious issue in the Hashemite Kingdom.

The 'Hashemite Kingdom' is a fraud that was set up for a family of spoiled brats who lost out to their cousins in Saudi Arabia. Jordan is Palestine. More than 70% of 'Jordanians' are 'Palestinians' despite the 'king's efforts to keep 'Palestinians' from becoming citizens. It's time this fraud be acknowledged and confronted.
According to the HRW report released Wednesday, since mid-April Jordanian authorities have been singling out Syrians of Palestinian origin, sending them to holding facilities in or around the town of Ramtha. In the meantime, other Syrian refugees have been allowed to move freely in Jordan if they have a local guarantor.

Official figures suggest that some 27,000 Syrian asylum seekers have been registered in Jordan since March 2011 but this does not include the hundreds of Palestinians who have fled Syria and have been registered by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the HRW report said.

“To its credit, Jordan has allowed tens of thousands of Syrians to cross its borders irregularly and move freely in Jordan, but it treats Palestinians fleeing the same way differently,” commented Gerry Simpson, senior refugee researcher and advocate for Human Rights Watch. “All those fleeing Syria – Syrians and Palestinians alike – have a right to seek asylum in Jordan, move freely in Jordan, and shouldn’t be forced back into a war zone.”

From mid-June 2012, the New York-based HRW interviewed more than a dozen Syrian-Palestinians now in Jordan. Although they had entered the country in a similar fashion to thousands of other Syrians, without passing through the official border crossing, these families were singled out and detained for months with no possibility of release. There were even some claims of individuals or families being forcibly returned to Syria.
Read the whole thing. And consider starting 'Jordan apartheid week' on your college campus next year.

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At 1:01 AM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Why? Well for starters no one cared when they slaughtered millions of one another over the past 50 years. Why should anyone care about this sort of thing. This is why I fully support unending Arab on Arab butchery. Live long and prosper, or whatever.


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