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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Iranian and Syrian nerve gas: Manufactured in Europe

Giulio Meotti rips the cover off a big story. Iran and Syria are threatening Israel with biological weapons that are made in Europe.
What very few people know is that European companies and scientists gave Iran, Syria, Libya and Iraq the material to attempt to kill the Jews, again.

In 1992 a 100-page report, prepared by the Paris-based Middle East Defence News, listed about 300 European firms which the centre said it believed had "played a significant role in the unconventional weapons programmes in Iran, Syria and Libya".

Germany topped the list of suppliers with 100, the report said, then 29 French, 22 British, 13 Italian and 13 Swiss.

German companies have played a crucial role in helping Iran to build a chemical weapons industry, and have illegally supplied nerve gas precursor chemicals," the report said. It said France had played a "crucial role...in helping Syria to develop both a chemical weapons and a biological weapons capability".

The West German firm Degussa supplied of chemicals to Libya used to manufacture poison gas. This company also owned a 42.5 per cent share in the Degesch company, which supplied the Zyklon B gas used in the death camps. Degesch is the acronym for "Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Schaedlingsbekaempfung", a company for the extermination of vermin.

It developed the method of using hydrogen cyanide, Zyklon B, as an ingredient in its fumigation gas for buildings and ships. The gas it supplied to Auschwitz was used in the killing of two million Jews.

"For years, Iraqi officers had asked us how it had been with the gassing of the Jews." said Maj. Gen. Karl-Heinz Nagler, former head of the East German Army's chemical service, who had trained the Iraqi Army in chemical warfare for 15 years.

The manufacturing of di-fluoro - from which nerve gas is obtained - requires resistant glass components. Two German companies gave these to the Syrians.

French scientific institutes also played a role, through scientific exchanges.


We can be partners in the Jewish struggle against the new apocalypse. Or we can be part of it. The European companies and scientists have made their choice.
Read the whole thing.

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At 12:48 AM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Was it on IM or LFG or? I remember there was a link to an interview with a German guy who was very upset at the German chemicals or whatever that Saddam Hussein was using to make his WMD. That was before '03. But, of course, we were told endlessly (even by Pres. Bush and his people) that there were no WMDs and WOW now here we are with reports that those darned WMD were moved to Syria/Bekaa Valley and darned if they aren't possibly now being shifted to Jew-killers in every direction, thanks to Obama and the Muslim Bro, al Qaeda, al Shabaabians.

BTW1 - I was in a ballet class with the ballerinas who danced professionally @ the Kurhaus in a medium city in Germany... and in the dressing room they talked about wishing that Hitler were in charge and had finished the job with the Jews. All the people (Jews!) in these recent years who told me that the Germans don't have any problems with Jews anymore, etc... gonna get us all killed with the denial.

BTW2 - I'm pretty sure the Russians' efforts in the reason are also, like the Germans', to finish of their Jews who escaped.

BTW3 - Any scientist and/or engineer, including in Israel, who throw in with working with these people (Obama/al Shabaab, the Iranians, the Muslim Bros, etc), even if they make lots of money doing it or they think it is a green mitzvah, are not on the team of freedom, constitution, Torah, etc. Unfortunate.

At 2:28 PM, Blogger violet said...

Degussa is an acronym for Deutsche Gold und Silberscheideanstalt or German Gold and Silver Plating. They processed the gold and silver from teeth collected in the camps.

At 3:20 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Ooops... typos. Sorry. Corrected:

BTW2 - I'm pretty sure the Russians' efforts in the region are also, like the Germans', to finish off their Jews who escaped.

At 12:43 AM, Blogger I.K.H said...

Biggest problem is their ultra high persistance. VX, VR and the newest Russian binary Novichok agents are of the most dilutable substances in the world. They will remain somewhat active even at homeopatic doses. Once released it will be impossible to keep away from environment and food and they're also active through clothes and skin. Small doses have already been planted in most major European cities and also in the US. 50g at ground level is enough for it to spread to every home in a mid-sized city. Pollution from such dose will cause much diffuse illness, but it can get a lot worse. The very high persistance means it will spread gradually and reduce quality of life worldwide. There is no officially known antidote besides the American idea of fighting fire with fire. American antidote is another kind of nerve gas with opposite effects; BZ - Benzilates. So there we are; 'between a rock and a hard place'.

Please support development of new biologic medicines or we'll be defenseless once the doses increase:



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