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Monday, July 09, 2012

IDF video of Hezbullah collecting intelligence at the Lebanese border

The IDF has released a video of Hezbullah collecting intelligence at Lebanon's border with Israel.
The video was presented during a debriefing by Brigadier General Hartzi Halevi, Commander of the 91st Division (Galilee Formation), which is responsible for the Lebanese border sector.
Let's go to the videotape.

As you can see, the terror operatives drive right up to the border and look across, knowing that the IDF will not fire at them.
During the debriefing, Halevi said, “The IDF sees the connection between the ongoing events in Syria and the terror activity at the northern border, and is preparing accordingly. The chances of hostile activity in the border region are continuously increasing, and therefore, we are required to be prepared. There is more than just one way to violate the calm at the northern border, but the IDF will know to provide a clear and keen response against any possible scenario.

“The challenges we face are numerous. We will have to see how we face the complex challenge that includes an enemy with multiple capabilities. However, we will be able to operate on Lebanese soil, should it be required, and inflict considerable damage to the terror centers present there.”
That day seems to be coming soon.

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