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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hamas and friends issue responses to Temple Institute video

On Thursday, I reported on a video issued by the Temple Institute for Tisha b'Av. Over the weekend, two responses were issued, one by Hamas, and one by an individual named M. Saber Alian. Here's Hamas' version.

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Arutz Sheva).

Music warning for those for whom it is still Tisha b'Av.

Obviously, the one on the Left is the Temple Institute video, while the one on the right is in the shape of the state of Israel – which they claim is "Palestine."

Here's the second one. Let's go to the videotape.

Once again, a music warning for those for whom it is still Tisha b'Av.

Rabbi Chaim Richmanת International Director of the Temple Institute, told Arutz Sheva Sunday: "The irony is that this video, aimed at the Jewish world, has succeeded in moving many people towards a deeper feeling about this period of mourning, and the Temple. This whole thing that has angered the Arab world and plunged us into international intrigue, is simply a red herring...

"The irony is that Hashem has used the international media, focusing on Morsi's imagined insult, to bring the idea of the Holy Temple to the attention of people the world over. So actually there is no coincidence even though we didn't plan for the paper to fall on any particular page...that is just what happened to be in the news that day -- but min hashaymaim [from the Heavens, ed.] the video got much more exposure, and thus the idea of the Temple got more exposure."
Indeed it did. The Temple Institute video has more than 300,000 views - more than the other two combined.

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At 5:30 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

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When the download is complete, the surfer can then play the Flash .flv video, either in Windows Movie Maker or other app. My personal favorite for this is another excellent user-friendly freeware app, YTD Downloader, which also can convert these Flash .flv files to Windows .wmv format or .mpg formats. The user also has a menu choice of high, optimal, medium and low quality. The higher you choose, the higher the quality and larger the file size. Once you've downloaded a couple and converted them, it's a piece of cake.

(The Standard YTD Downloader is freeware, no nagging or expiration, with an upgrade to Pro available for purchase. I've found the Standard quite powerful and adequate. Flashgot to download and YTD to convert. YTD will also download but has coded restrictions to only Youtube and a few other sites from which it'll download. No such restriction with Flashgot.)


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