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Monday, July 30, 2012

BBC questions Israel's size

The BBC will never give up. They have 'improved' their Israel entry on their Olympics website, but as Brian of London points out, they have put an asterisk next to Israel's area.
Previously they stated the size of Israel was 22,072 km² (screen cap on the right).

Now they’re telling us the size of Israel is 22,072 km² (screen cap on the left). What’s the difference? We are now informed that this number is the work of the “Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics” and includes “Jerusalem and Golan”.

BBC, you got a problem with that?
Well, they certainly should not. Some questions:

  • Does the BBC note whether the Russian figures include the Kuril Islands?
  • Does it note whether Pakistani and Indian figures include parts of Kashmir?
  • Does it note whether Indian figures include Lathitila?
  • Does it note whether Armenian figures include Nagorno-Karabakh?
  • Does it note whether Chinese figures include Aksai Chin or Taiwan?
  • Does it note whether Serbian figures include Kosovo?
  • Does it note whether UK figures include Gibraltar, the Falkland islands and Chagos archipelago?
  • Does it note whether Georgian figures include Abkhazia?
  • Does it note whether Moroccan figures include the Western Sahara?
  • Does it note whether Ethiopian figures include Badme?
  • Does it note whether Cypriot figures include Turkish Cyprus?
Also, look at the Palestinian figures – do they note any dispute about territories or population?

You can all guess the answers....



At 4:51 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

Also, does the BBC note whether the British figures include Northern Ireland and Scotland, both of which their nationalists don't want to be part of Britain?


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