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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another 'Palestinian' flytilla on the way?

It looks like there may be another 'Palestinian' flytilla on the way at the end of August. But they're flying to Amman and trying to cross the Allenby bridge. This is from a Google translation:
Since Israeli officials have said publicly last April (see video on this site) that we had been blocked because we wanted to go through the Tel Aviv airport to make us in the West Bank, while the passage would have been appropriate, according to them, to pass through Jordan and the Allenby Bridge, so we decided to take their word.

We wish to respond to the invitation of the governor and the mayor of Bethlehem, as well as that of the Palestinian organizations to come and meet with them this summer, a few days to share their lives and prepare them with the new school year, in a context where the education of Palestinian children is made more difficult by the colonization and occupation.
Women, men and children from several countries have already responded to this call and present have taken their airfare, via Amman. Do the same! Contact us at contact@bienvenuepalestine.com information if you do not find on this site.

We call on governments to support the Palestinians' right to receive visitors, and the right to their respective nationals to freely visit Palestine.

Palestinians urge us, as participants in the mission Welcome to Palestine in August 2012, asking to pass unhindered through the Allenby Bridge, where it would be difficult for our leaders to invoke any "Israeli sovereignty."
The dates are August 24-31. What could go wrong?

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