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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A surprise guest at the Kotel: Mitt Romney!

We went to afternoon prayers at the Kotel (Western Wall) as we do every year at mid-day on the Tisha b'Av fast, and as we were praying a corner of the plaza was being cordoned off. Yes, you guessed it - we saw Mitt Romney. Unfortunately, I'm not able to download the pictures from my phone yet, but I will. Eventually. (I have a great one of him putting a note in the Wall - he reached way up!). In the meantime, there's one at the top of this post from AP's Charles Dharpark.

I was also interviewed by one American television network, one major US newspaper, and one prominent online political magazine. If you find links you can let me know. By email.

There were a lot of people who hung around to see Governor Romney and a lot more who joined them. Some of them were just curiosity seekers, but many of them seemed to know who he was, even if they didn't speak a word of English.

And I met a lovely gentleman named Travis Allen, who is traveling with Governor Romney, and who is a candidate for the California State Assembly in the 72nd district (Huntington Beach).

Oh yes, and Romney shook my 10-year old son's hand (that would be son # 4, child # 7).

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