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Sunday, July 22, 2012

42-year old terror victim had just found out she was pregnant

Tom Gross reports on one of the victims of the Burgas, Bulgaria suicide bombing, who had just found out she was pregnant.
Four of the Israeli victims were in their twenties. One was the father of a four month old baby. Another was the father of a ten month old baby.

One victim was older. She was 42, and had been having fertility treatment for some time to try and get pregnant. Her final incoming call was the hospital calling her with the good news: she was pregnant.

Her final outgoing call was to her sister, to tell her the good news and how happy she was.

Her body was flown back to Israel last night and she was buried today.
The story reminded me of another victim of Islamic terror whose yahrtzeit (anniversary of date of death) is coming up in a little less than three weeks.

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