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Friday, June 01, 2012

The worst catastrophe to hit the world?

It's not 'Islamophobia' when they really are out to get you.

With all the catastrophes that have occurred in the world, you would think that there must be at least one that tops the creation of the State of Israel (which I would not classify as a catastrophe at all). But no. According to the head of Egypt's Islamofacsist Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie, the creation of the State of Israel is the greatest catastrophe ever to hit mankind.
The statement – the existence of which was revealed Wednesday by the Investigative Project on Terrorism blog – reminds Brotherhood followers of the movement’s decades-long “sacrifices” in efforts to destroy the Jewish state.

“On this day, like every year, the Arab and Islamic nations remember the worst catastrophe ever to befall the peoples of the world,” Badie wrote in the text, translated by The Jerusalem Post. “We demand the international community rectify the historic injustice [of 1948] and pressure the government of the Zionist entity to withdraw from the land of Palestine.”
Note: 'withdraw from the land of Palestine.' No 1949 armistice lines. No Judea and Samaria. No 'West Bank.' The 'land of Palestine.' For the Muslim Brotherhood and its followers Israel has no 'right to exist' anywhere.
The statement portrays the Arab revolts of the last 18 months as part of an inexorable process to “liberate” land now in the State of Israel.

“We have toppled the most repressive regimes with purpose and determination,” Badie wrote. “We have begun the era of liberation of all peoples, first of all the Palestinian people, [suffering from] the worst occupation known to man – the Zionist occupation.”
I wonder how many Syrians in Hula consider the 'Zionist occupation' to be 'the worst occupation known to man.' Something tells me they might - just might - think Bashar al-Assad is worse.
Uriya Shavit, a lecturer in Tel Aviv University’s Department for Arabic and Islamic Studies, said those acquainted with the Brotherhood’s history will find the message unsurprising.

“The idea that the Brotherhood doesn’t recognize the legitimacy of Israel, and the call to eradicate it at some point, is something the group has never denied. It’s been in Brotherhood literature from its founding in 1928 until this very day,” Shavit said.

“What they have tried to do, not just during the Arab Spring but before, is to try to reconcile the ideology of never recognizing Israel, or the 1979 Egypt- Israel peace treaty, with the understanding that if they’re to be in power, they have to be realistic,” he added. “That’s why they offer statements like ‘We realize we will have to recognize agreements signed by previous governments,’ but then always add a ‘but.’”
But of course, in the euphoria to make 'peace' thirty years ago, the Brotherhood's existence, and the idea that Israel was making peace with Anwar Sadat, who would not live forever - and not with the Egyptian people - was ignored and swept under the rug.

And for those who claim that Islam has nothing to do with this:
Badie’s Nakba Day message repeatedly cites passages from the Koran to explain political events. The Arab revolts showed popular will can topple “corrupt regimes which knelt at the feet of the Zionists,” he wrote, adding the Koranic verse, “They are those with whom thou didst make a covenant but they break their covenant every time.”

“The idea is there is no point in signing treaties with Jews – not Israelis, by the way, but Jews – because the Koran tells you just how unreliable they are,” Shavit said. “This is rhetoric even Hamas has used less in the past year, because it’s seen in the West as plain anti-Semitism, albeit in Islamic garb.”
In other words, they regard this as 'Islamic land' and won't tolerate any other religion in the region, and certainly not in 'Palestine.' Some day, they hope to apply this to Andulasia (southern Spain) too.

Why does this matter? It matters because the Muslim Brotherhood's representatives, who take what Badie says quite seriously, control Egypt's legislature and may yet control its Presidency. Egypt is a neighboring country with which we share a border, and is supposed to be at peace with us. What does this sort of statement say about the wisdom of Israel entering into peace treaties with its neighbors? It suggests that entering into peace treaties is not a good idea, because the Muslims regard any peace treaty as being a temporary truce until they feel that they are strong enough to win, God forbid.

So let's just sign another treaty with the 'Palestinians.' What could go wrong?

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