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Monday, June 11, 2012

Russian missiles to disappear

While the Obama administration tries to make the United States' nuclear missile arsenal disappear through drastic cuts to the number of missiles, the Russians are seeking to make their missiles disappear differently. The Russians have developed a technology that covers up the tracks made by their missile launchers from their hiding place to the launch point, making the missiles' locations impossible to pinpoint from satellites. What's worse is that the Russians may sell this technology to countries that have purchased its missiles... including Iran and Syria.
According to reports from foreign sources, Russia will soon equip all of its portable ballistic missile launchers with a system that covers up the traces left on the ground by the launcher’s wheels. These traces aid intelligence sensors, such as espionage satellites, to identify the hiding places of the missiles, which can destroy the missile in advance.

Russia’s Teykovo missile base in the Ivanovo region, where Topol-M SS-27 and RS-24 intercontinental ballistic missiles are stationed, will be the first base to be equipped with the new system. Other Russian missile bases will receive the trace-covering equipment in the coming months.

Russia has not provided precise details pertaining to how the traces of the launcher wheels are covered, but the country will likely adapt it for use with other missiles like the Scud missiles used by the Syrian Army, among others.

It is possible that this equipment might be sold to Iran, which could make use of it on several of its portable missile launchers. These are intended, among other things, for launching missiles such as the Shahab-3, which is capable of reaching Israel.
What could go wrong?

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