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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Route 12 reopened along Egyptian border

For the first time since last summer's terror attacks, Route 12 has been reopened for civilian traffic along the Egyptian border.
Previously closed due to security reasons, Route 12 located along Israel's border with Egypt, will fully reopen for traffic. In recent months, the IDF has worked around the clock in order to open the road and maintain the safety of civilians in the region.

Route 12 was first closed after a terrorist squad executed an attack against Israeli civilians travelling on the road in August (2011). Eight Israelis were killed as a result of the attack and 40 additional ones injured.

In February, Route 12 was partially opened to traffic, but only during the day and only after intensive work had been done to improve security along sections of the road near the border of Egypt and Israel. Measures include accelerated construction of the new security barrier and a surge of observational and protective measures tailored to providing early warnings of any terrorist activity.

The decision to open the road to full traffic came as a result of the IDF’s non-stop work to secure the road for nighttime travel.

Southern Command chief Major General Tal Russo announced that starting this week, Route 12 between the Sayarim Junction and Netafim would be open without restrictions. Along the rest of the road vehicles will be prohibited to stop on the shoulder close to the border, as the area between the road and the border will be closed to traffic.
What could go wrong?

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