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Thursday, June 21, 2012

'Rap beef' at #tomorrow12 ?

Well, thankfully I missed this session (and not just because of the Yankees hat).
Russell Simmons, internationally acclaimed music industry and fashion mogul, said at the 2012 Israeli Presidential Conference that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can best be described as a "beef" between rival rappers that can be resolved through dialogue and understanding.

"Conflict needs dialogue and dialogue allows peace to grow," said Simmons, who is here in Israel representing his Foundation for Ethnic Understanding. "When peace comes, and peace will come, the seeds need to be laid for trust and this is only achieved through dialogue."

Simmons was joined by his close friend and President of the foundation, Rabbi Marc Schneier. The two spoke extensively about the impact of their organization on improving relations between Jews and Muslims in the US and the world.

"We are the international address for Muslim-Jewish understanding," said Schneier, who mentioned campaigns in which Jews and Muslims jointly fought anti-Semitism and Islamophobia around the world. "Our work goes beyond dialogue, it is about Muslims fighting for Jews and Jews fighting for Muslims."
Uh, no.... Sometimes talking just drags the conflict out and in the worst case (Iran) it can even allow the other side a strategic advantage.

And as to 'improved relations' between Jews and Muslims around the world... certainly not anywhere in the Muslim dominated countries.

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