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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Professor who shouted 'death to Israel' at public lecture remains at Kent State University

Discipline takes a long time at Ohio's Kent State University. Sometimes it seems like it takes forever.
Almost one year after Kent State professor Julio Pino shouted “Death to Israel!” at a public lecture by a former Israeli diplomat, people are beginning to question why no disciplinary action has been taken against him by the university.

Pino, who has been a controversial figure on campus for years, disrupted a lecture in October of 2011 by demanding that Ishmael Khaldi, the first Muslim diplomat in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, answer how his country justified giving relief aid to Haiti and Turkey, which Pino characterized as “blood money.”

According to witnesses, before shouting his anti-Semitic remarks, Pino distributed anti-Israel fliers in the back of the conference room.

That incident did not seem surprising to students and other faculty attending the lecture, as Pino’s “outspoken” support of Islamic terrorism throughout the years seems to be well-documented.


Pino defended his actions to Inside Higher Education magazine, writing that “the only politics I have are ‘there is no God but God, and Mohammed is His Messenger.’”

However, on his Facebook page, Pino writes in support of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, noting that “to be an urban guerilla [sic] means to launch an offensive against imperialism. The Red Army Faction is striking the connection between the legal and illegal resistance; between national and international resistance; between national and international struggle; between the strategic and tactical requirements of the international communist movement.”

The Facebook note features a picture of a female Maoist soldier dressed in Unified Communist Party of Nepal military garb dating to that country’s civil war, from 1996 through 2006. In that conflict, Maoists attempted to overthrown the monarchy, but settled in 2006 for a partial nationalization of state resources, among other concessions made by the government.

In another Facebook note, he writes that “there is a Communism which is dangerous and a Communism that is not dangerous. Comrades, let us dare to make Communism dangerous again!” This post is titled “Bandeira Rossa,” which is the name of a popular Italian labor movement anthem, and features a photo of Pakistanis burning the American flag.

Sara Kilpatrick, executive director of the Ohio Conference of the American Association of University Professors, declined to comment on whether she supported national director Cary Nelson’s remarks that Pino’s calls for genocide were more akin to academic discourse than hate speech.

Colleen Casey, Kent State University Chapter Coordinator for the AAUP, refused to answer any questions about Pino, saying that the chapter had “no comment.”
Something is REALLY wrong on the farm if calls for genocide are treated as 'academic discourse.' They are clearly not.

But something tells me that if Pino were attacking Muslims he would not be there anymore.

I have to post my Kent State memory - those of you who are over 50 or so will get it.

Let's go to the videotape.

They may now be with the radicals rather than against them, but the administration at Kent State hasn't gotten any smarter in the last 42 years.

By the way, the picture of the girl in black with the white scarf around her neck leaning over the dead body (his name was Jeffrey Glenn Miller if I recall my '60's and '70's correctly) is famous. The girl turned out to be a teenage runaway from Florida. And based on the names of the dead (which were a much more reliable indicator of religion then than they are today), all four of those kids were Jewish.

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