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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pro-Israel Iranian journalist missing in Iraqi Kurdistan

Iranian journalist Mawfud Afand, who advocates for ties between Israel and Kurds, has been missing in Iraqi Kurdistan for 11 days according to Reporters without Borders.
“We fear the worst and we urge the autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government’s authorities to do everything possible to find Mawlud Afand,” the group said. “And we therefore call for an immediate investigation into this journalist’s disappearance.”

Afand, who is of Iranian origin, lives in Iraqi Kurdistan and is the editor of the magazine Kurd-Israel, published by the Kurd-Israel Association. According to RSF, the Association encourages Kurdish Jews who emigrated to Israel to return to Kurdistan as well as promoting ties between Israel and Kurdistan.

The media watchdog linked Anfand's disappearance to an announcement made five days ago by Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi that Iran's security forces had arrested a ring of assassins, which it says was responsible for the recent killings of nuclear scientists

RSF highlighted that the minister had also said that "part of Iranian intelligence activities is being carried out in neighboring countries." The group also noted that Kurd-Israel is a "source of discord" between the Kurdistan Regional government and Iran.
This does not sound good....

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