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Thursday, June 21, 2012

One other observation about #tomorrow12

One other observation about the President's Conference. This is the second one I have attended - last year was the first time they went out of their way to invite a lot of bloggers (and this year we actually have access to the press room, where I will guarantee you that the bloggers were the only people there who are over 30).

Most of the people I spend time with at the conference are either conservative bloggers like me, people I know from the business world, or old friends. Our religious levels are all over the map, but most of us tend to be to the right politically.

Last year, we had a sense that the panels were balanced. This year, most of the people I have spoken with feel that the political panels are not balanced, with the exception of this panel, which is taking place on Thursday. Ironically, there is a blogger's session with Peter Beinart that is starting in the middle of that panel, and most of the bloggers I know are planning to skip Beinart in favor of the panel.



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