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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Netanyahu agrees to expel Jews from their homes

I warned you all five years ago. Who listened?

Prime Minister Netanyahu announced this evening that the Netanyahu-Barak-Lieberman government is going to expel 30 Jewish families from their homes in Beit El (which means House of God) in Samaria. Netanyahu tried to throw a sop to the revenants saying that for every home that the Supreme Court asks him to destroy, the Netanyahu-Barak-Livni Lieberman government will build ten more, but apparently he's no better at Math than he is at telling it straight. He's destroying 30 homes and will build 50 new ones instead (maybe, eventually, if there's money and if he gets around to it and if Ehud Barak agrees and if the homes cannot be rebuilt elsewhere).
As part of Netanyahu's decision, the government will reimburse and relocate the settlers. The homes themselves will not be demolished, according the the Channel 2 report, but will rather be detached from their infrastructure and physically moved to a nearby settlement. In addition, Netanyahu will allow 50 homes to be built in Beit El - 10 times the number of homes being evacuated in Ulpana, Channel 2 reported.

"The settlement enterprise will be advanced through building," Channel 2 quoted Netanyahu as saying. "For every home we are forced to evacuate, we will build 10 in its place."

The prime minister came out against MKs calling for legislation that would legalize the settlements, calling the solution unhelpful and saying that it would harm Israel's standing within the international community.
And moving the homes elsewhere in Samaria (assuming they get there intact) will help our standing in the international community? And building 50 more homes (assuming Ehud Barak ever approves them - fat chance - will improve our standing in the international community? You've got to be kidding. Here's the Supreme Court's Knesset member.
Meretz leader Zehava Gal-On congratulated the prime minister on his decision, stating that she hoped his intentions would be carried out. Gal-On, however, criticized Netanyahu's alleged desire to build 50 new structures in the Beit El settlement in place of those being evacuated in Ulpana.

"Netanyahu's promise to increase building in Beit El grants a reward to law-breaking settlers in the territories and encourages committing more crimes. The prime minister is applying a death blow to the peace process, leading to the establishment of one state, and exposing the unity government for what it really is," Gal-On stated.
Just like the Arabs, she takes any concession she's given and then reopens the point asking for more.

YNet adds:
MK Arieh Eldad (National Union) slammed the decision. "Netanyahu's behavior is befitting the 'liar' label that was given to him by his partner, (Minister Shaul) Mofaz," Eldad said. "Only legislation can prevent destruction.

"He is displacing Migron and Ulpana," he added. "All that's left for Netanyahu to do in order to achieve world peace is to shift Jerusalem to New York."


Peace Now Director General Yariv Oppenheimer [Googleheimer. CiJ] voiced similiar sentiments. Oppenheimer expressed contentment with the decision, but asserted that the decision to expand settlement construction is detrimental to Israel's interests.

"Netanyahu's decision to implement the High Court's ruling is in line with the founding principles of democracy, and should be obvious," he said. "His decision to apply a price tag and expand the settlements will hurt the State of Israel first and foremost, and will reward law-breaking settlers."
And the Times of Israel reports that the commitment to build ten new homes for each one destroyed will only go into effect if the homes being destroyed cannot be rebuilt. And if Attorney General Weinstein agrees. I guess Netanyahu is taking lessons from Hussein Obama in leading from behind.
Netanyahu said that if everything went according to plan, Ulpana’s five contested buildings — home to some 30 families, and built on what the state accepts is privately owned Palestinian land — would be transplanted several hundred meters away. However, in the event that the houses would have to be demolished rather than transplanted, 10 more would be built in Judea and Samaria, pending the approval of Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein.

“The settlement enterprise will be strengthened by construction; in place of every house we are forced to evacuate, we will build 10,” said the prime minister.
And Israel Radio reports (11:00 pm) that the government is only 'investigating the possibility' of moving the homes someplace within Beit El.

But the biggest consequence is the one raised by MK Zevulun Orlev (National Religious Party) as reported by Israel Radio: There will be dozens more claims brought to the Supreme Court (and under Israel's bizarre system they can be brought directly to the Supreme Court) that hundreds of houses are built on 'private Palestinian land.' What could go wrong?

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At 11:39 PM, Blogger HaDaR said...

As their election slogan has been saying for decades: רק הליכוד יכל, only Likud can: destroy homes built by Jews, deport thousands of Jews from their homes, raze entire Jewish villages, give OUR land to dictators and assassins. They have done it ever since the first time they won an election: in 1977 they received an empire from Labour (oil independence, territorial depth, tens of thousands of tourists in the Sinai flying straight to Eilat from all over Northern Europe) and they gave 2/3 of it away for a piece of paper signed by a dictator, in which they recognized not only the existence of a non-People, but even recognized their rights on and in OUR Land.
ANYONE who has helped them, or voted for them, or asked to get their membership cards, or supported them with a vote in the Knesset is responsible for all these acts of MOSERIM (livelyhood, property, lives) of Jews into the hands of Israel's haters, which is a public desecration of H's Name.

At 6:11 AM, Blogger Russel Harris said...

The government's response to the housing crisis - NOT. Ten new homes for every one destroyed only makes sense if they plan to fill those homes with even more homeless settlers...

This means more work for a palestinian-owned construction company and palestinian workers?


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