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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood may be in charge, but Egyptian men are as randy as ever

The Muslim Brotherhood may now be in charge in Egypt, but some things haven't changed. One thing that has not changed is Egyptian men and their treatment of blonde, female westerners. I have discussed before on this blog the harassment of women - especially foreign women - by Egyptian men. Now, it's happened again. Another foreign journalist has been attacked in Egypt. This time it's a British journalist... with long blonde hair.

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: American Power via Bad Blue).

I don't believe that this is an excuse, but note again that Natasha Smith has long blonde hair. Note what I wrote here about the Lara Logan assault.
The second reason I wasn't surprised by the assault was when I saw the picture of Logan at the top of this post. Several years ago, the wife of a friend confided in me that she had been raped before they were married. She was assaulted by an Arab man right here in Jerusalem, and she told me that she attributed the assault that she was blond and that she was wearing her hair loose. She said that blonds have to be particularly careful around Arab men, and she advised wearing their hair tight and in a bun. Look at Logan's picture. See what I mean?
Now, look at Natasha again in the video. See what I mean?

Natasha's full account of the incident is here (via Blazing Cat Fur). I just want to quote a small part of it.
The women told me the attack was motivated by rumours spread by trouble-making thugs that I was a foreign spy, following a national advertising campaign warning of the dangers of foreigners. But if that was the cause, it was only really used as a pretext, an excuse, to molest and violate a blonde young Western girl.


Women were crying and telling me “this is not Egypt! This is not Islam! Please, please do not think this is what Egypt is!” I reassured her that I knew that was the case, that I loved Egypt and its culture and people, and the innate peacefulness of moderate Islam. She appeared stunned. But I’m not really a vengeful person and I could see through the situation. This vicious act was not representative of the place I had come to know and love.
But as you can see from my story about my friend's wife and from Lara Logan, this is very typical behavior for the Arab Islamic world, particularly for foreign women with long, blonde hair.

If Ms. Smith returns to Egypt, I would suggest that she temporarily dye her hair a different color and cut it short. As silly as that sounds, it could save her life.

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At 5:22 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...

I'm trying hard to also remember that in both the Logan case and this new one, some Arab men also came to her aid. So, it's not all Arab men who are pigs towards women, but apparently a significant percentage of the whole who are pigs.

Incidentally, there's also a large phenomenon of Muslim immigrants in the Scandinavian countries committing rape on native women. The local establishments and their tame MSM are in denial about this and it's mostly covered in news blogs, such as Gates of Vienna, etc. The few photos I've seen on these news sites where the victim is shown always seem to have a fair, blonde victim also.

At 6:51 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

So what's remarkable here, that this is pervasive across the Arab and/or Muslim world or that westerners are being exposed to it for the first time? In either case, blogerati far left class will deny it exists.

Or did I miss the large contingent of women reporters in Libya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan or Mali?


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