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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Liberal Jewish poll shows Obama's Jewish support down to 59%

A poll by the liberal Jewish Workman's Circle shows that American Jews are still far more liberal than their non-Jewish neighbors, and that they are still going to vote for President Obama at much higher rates than their non-Jewish neighbors. But the poll also shows that President Obama is bleeding Jewish votes, and those votes may be enough to throw the election. Jonathan Tobin reports.
The poll showed American Jews are far more liberal than most Americans. They are willing to pay higher taxes, don’t seem to like financial institutions, love unions and favor abortion and gay marriage in numbers that far outstrip the rest of the country. The respondents also give President Obama a big majority at a time when national polls are calling the presidential election a dead heat.

But despite the effort of the poll’s left-wing sponsor to treat this as a victory for the incumbent, it actually confirms the fact that the president is bleeding Jewish support this year and appears to be falling far short of the share of the community’s vote that he won in 2008. With the poll showing him getting only 59 percent of the Jewish vote as opposed to the 78 percent he received four years ago, there is no disguising a drastic decline in support for the Democrat.

The Workmen’s Circle attempts to soften the blow by saying if undecided voters broke down the same way decided voters did, it would give Obama a 68 to 32 percent lead among Jews. But that’s an absurd assertion. History shows us there is no reason to believe that is the way undecided voters actually vote. If anything, it is more likely that in a close race, undecideds are more likely to break toward the challenger, but that is merely a guess. But even if that wildly optimistic supposition wLinkere to be borne out, it would still represent a ten percent drop in the Jewish vote for Obama–a result that would have to be treated as a blow to the Democrats and a minor success for Republicans.

If, however, the final results turn out to be closer to the 59 percent figure, Obama would receive the lowest percentage of the Jewish vote in a presidential election of any Democrat since Jimmy Carter.
Read the whole thing. I suspect a lot of Jews would have been a lot happier if someone within the Democratic party had challenged President Obama.

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At 11:27 AM, Blogger Alan said...

this "poll" was not commissioned to grab a snapshot of the true situation; such valuable information would never be given away free by anyone. This "poll" was commissioned by a stalinist, anti-zionist group ==for the purpose of== suggesting that Jews are confirmed bleeding hearts who will remain loyal to Obama. there are two reasons to accomplish such: first, to ease the vote-for-Obama-again medicine down the throats of baulking american Jewish voters; and two, to prove to the Obama Re-election committee that WorkmansCircle is loyally carrying water for the Boss, so that they can get their reward in the "next four years". Note: notwithstanding a lot of socialist rhetoric, the Workman's Circle is a large business operation. Don't be fooled by their name on various "federal credit unions". Credit Unions are ===privately owned, profit-making== organizations..... not charities. They are Bankers who make money by lending folks money. Just like Goldman Sachs!

At 1:42 AM, Blogger Jean-Pierre said...

As a liberal Jewish Obama voter I am very happy with his stands on health care and gay marriage but as a Jew , I remember that Obama really has put Israel under the bus.He changed the policy of previous administrations that the borders were subject to negotiations and that Israel would get new borders and not have to go back to the 67 borders ( including the Western Wall and the settlement blocks ) to withdrawal from all the territories.This takes away Israel's most important card in negotiations. If he does this why would I believe he would attack Iran when it gets a nuclear bomb?


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