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Thursday, June 28, 2012

In bid to stave off expulsion, American Jewish philanthropist buys 80% of Migron lands

In a bid to stave off the expulsion of the outpost's Jews, an American Jewish philanthropist has purchased the land on which 66 of the 70 buildings in Migron sit at a cost of 'hundreds of thousands' of dollars (Hat Tip: Sunlight NM via Twitter). That comes to about 80% of the land.
In a last-minute attempt to prevent the evacuation of Migron, the largest illegal outpost in Judea and Samaria, representatives of the outpost recently bought more than 80 percent of its land from Palestinians claiming ownership over it, Israel Hayom has learned.

Residents of Migron hope that the move will now render unnecessary the High Court's order to evacuate the outpost by 1 August.

According to a source involved in the transaction, the land was acquired "in a completely legal and valid manner." While representatives of the community have refrained from publishing details of the transaction, the source said "more than one seller" was involved.

Both sides involved in the deal have also kept the identify of the donor secret, but revealed that he is a Jewish-Zionist American philanthropist who paid hundreds of thousand dollars for the land.

The deal was kept under such heavy secrecy that even Migron residents did not know all of the details of the transaction and were only likely to find out about it on Thursday.
Sounds like Irving Moskowitz to me. If it's him, more power to him.

Read the whole thing.

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