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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Egyptians protesting 'light' sentence to Mubarak

Israel Radio reports that Egyptians are 'streaming' toward Tahrir Square to protest the 'light' sentence (life in prison) that was handed out to former President Hosni Mubarak on Saturday. Mubarak had a heart attack when he heard the sentence.
A spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood's presidential candidate Muhammad Morsi commented on the verdict, saying that it was too light.

"The punishment is mild considering the crimes he committed against his homeland for over 30 years," he said, noting that the verdict will undoubtedly have an effect on the elections.

"The Egyptians will insist on electing a president that would renew the trial and avenge the blood of the martyrs," he said, warning of another revolution in Egypt, following the sentencing.


Meanwhile, al Arabiya network reported that family members of those killed during the revolution gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square, demanding that Mubarak be handed a death sentence.

Some Egyptian commentators also expressed anger over the court's ruling: "In my opinion this entire thing was one big charade. They treated us with contempt and they think we don’t understand what is going on. How could it be that Mubarak's sons and the interior ministers' aides were acquitted? According to logic, if their minister was convicted, they should have been convicted as well," Egyptian journalist and political commentator Muhammad Ali Wazan told Ynet.

"Now those who have been acquitted can help those who are in prison," he noted, adding that Egypt has no other choice but to go back to Tahrir Square.

Muhammad Hindi, a media expert from Alexandria, told Ynet that he believes the last word has yet to be said. "May Allah save Egypt; the country will burn and there will be many issues with the trial," he predicted, adding that he understands the logic behind the judges' verdict.

"The true criminals were not apprehended, meaning those who actually murdered the protesters. Mubarak and el-Adli got their verdicts because they didn’t do a thing to prevent the killings," he said.
I'm waiting for someone to start talking about the rule of law and about how the Egyptians have to listen to their Supreme Court. Oh, wait. That only happens in Israel.

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