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Monday, June 04, 2012

Arabs taking a page out of the Jews' book

In the pre-state era, Jews paid massive amounts of money - and overpaid - to buy land from Arabs and reclaim it as Jewish land. Is the process now being reversed?

On Sunday, I received the following email from Russel H:
This shabbos I heard a story that Arabs have been trying to buy homes in Tzfat, sometimes offering up to four times their value. The money, apparently is Saudi. Do you know anything about this?
I didn't. But I put the question to Joel B, who runs this website. Here's his response:
I don't know specific prices but I do know that Tsfat is one of many, many, cities on the 'hit' list. This is a national issue. Everywhere in the country they are either buying or trying to buy. In the predominantly Arab areas they build illegally non stop.
Hey folks - is anyone there? Wake up!

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