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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Americans in Israel for Romney formed

A group calling itself Americans in Israel for Romney has been formed. I know personally some of the people involved.
We are Americans living in Israel (Republicans, Democrats, and Independents) who feel the upcoming United States election will be a turning point in American history.

We feel that it is critical for both the State of Israel, as well as for the United States that Governor Romney be elected President.

We feel that a second term for President Obama, unfettered by any reelection concerns, will be an unmitigated disaster for the security of Israel and for the security interests and economy of the United States of America.

It is the purpose of this website to recruit American Israelis to sign our petition in support of Governor Romney and to then use this petition for two important purposes.

First, we want to influence American Jewish voters by advertising in the Jewish media in battleground states such as Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, and others. We must use our united voices to appeal to our friends in America to vote for Mitt Romney.

We have read many polls and newspaper articles stating that most American Jews will once again be voting for Barak Obama. Their concerns about Israel does not factor into their choice of candidates. This may be true today, but that is why it is so necessary to tell these people Obama’s true record on Israel and the economy, not just what he is spinning before the elections.

We know first-hand how Obama has treated Israel these last few years and we fear his plans for the coming years. We know what has happened to America’s world standing, to its security interests and to the American economy because of Obama’s reckless policies and spending, and we fear his plans for the coming years.

The second purpose is to gather names of people in Israel who might later in the campaign join us in calling American Jews directly via the telephone/internet and both urge and explain to them why a vote for Governor Romney is so important.
If you're in Israel, go sign up.

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At 7:14 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

I just hope the GOP RNC people have the rules set up for the Tampa convention to anticipate the Ron Paul people who have insinuated themselves into the state GOP delegations. I think they intend to try to redirect the nomination to Ron Paul somehow, even though Ron Paul lost in a landslide in almost every state. I'll call these "Conservative Unity" people the Van Jones wing of the GOP. Anybody who has contacts with the GOP national people or the Romney campaign people, please tell them to review carefully the convention rules to make sure they don't overturn it (with chaos, if not with actual success). They are like the Left. They never give up and they slither in camouflage through loopholes to get their way. And THEY ARE NOT FRIENDS OF ISRAEL.


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