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Monday, June 11, 2012

Ahlam Tamimi's husband allowed to join her in Jordan

I have discussed Ahlam Tamimi, the brains behind the Jerusalem Sbarro massacre, more times than I can count on this blog.

When Tamimi, seen above reading a newscast about the Sbarro bombing on 'Palestinian' television shortly after the bombing, was released from prison as part of the terrorists for Gilad trade in October, she was exiled to Jordan, 'never' to return to Israel or the 'Palestinian Authority.' In Jordan, she has become a television star....

Meanwhile, Tamimi's cousin Nizar al-Tamimi, to whom she was betrothed, was released to Judea and Samaria as part of the same deal, and was not allowed to leave the area. Nizar al-Tamimi is also a murderer.

My friend Arnold Roth, whose daughter Malki was murdered in the Sbarro bombing, got wind last week that the Israeli government was preparing to remove the restriction that kept Nizar in the 'Palestinian Authority.' On Wednesday, Arnold and his wife, Frimet, wrote a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu, which they republished - on Sunday - here.

On Sunday evening, Arnold and Frimet got word that Nizar was quietly permitted to cross into Jordan on Thursday. Did Arnold and Frimet's letter accelerate Nizar's departure? I leave that to the reader to contemplate.

The same government that fought dozens of court battles to prevent there being more Amir's in the world, has quietly facilitated the existence of future Tamimi's in the world.


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At 1:44 AM, Blogger max said...

She's very pretty.

Israel needs to stop its sick aggression.


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