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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Your tax dollars at work: Arafat adviser says 'Palestinian Authority' funded 'lsraeli Arab' parties in Israeli elections

Yasser Arafat's financial adviser, Mohammed Rashid, who is being sought by the 'Palestinian Authority' for corruption, has told the Saudi-owned al-Arabiya television station that the 'Palestinian Authority' under 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen has provided 'millions of dollars' to 'Israeli Arab' parties in Israel's general elections.
Rashid, who is currently in London, said that Abbas used to "take millions of dollars from the Palestinian Authority and the private sector under the pretext of helping Arab parties in Israeli elections."

Rashid, who is better known as Khaled Islam, did not name the Israeli Arab parties that received financial aid from Abbas.

Rashid's revelation came during an interview with the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya TV station.
I only have it in Arabic and not in English, but on the off chance that I have someone who understands Arabic who can translate, let's go to the videotape.

Now, I want to show you something really curious about Rashid.
Rashid, who is a Kurd from Iraq, said he was prepared to report for interrogation only before an independent commission of inquiry and not one that is controlled by Abbas.

The PA's Anti-Corruption Commission, which issued the arrest warrant against him, is itself very corrupt, Rashid charged.

He pointed out that two ministers in Salam Fayyad's new cabinet have been accused of involvement in corruption scandals, but the anti-corruption commission did not take any measures against them.

The former adviser, who is considered one of the wealthiest Palestinians in the world, launched a scathing attack on Abbas, holding him and his two businessmen sons responsible for corruption.
Huh? Is he an Iraqi Kurd or is he a 'Palestinian'?

One more paragraph:
"When Mahmoud Abbas returned to the Palestinian territories [after the signing of the Oslo Accords], I gave him $25,000 at the request of the late President Yasser Arafat," Rashid claimed. "Today, he and his sons have palaces and property estimated at 15 million Jordanian Dinars [Approximately $21 million] in Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia and other places."
Oh and one other thing: If the 'Palestinian Authority' is handing out 'millions,' guess who is paying for it?

Read the whole thing.

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