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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Please pray for my father

I've been on the phone much of the evening, because my father, whom I just visited in Boston last week, has had a 'significant decline' over the last few days. I'd like to ask you all to please pray for Reuven Yerachmiel ben Nechama.

The picture is my father with my granddaughter, and it was taken a year ago. My granddaughter is named after my mother a"h (may she rest in peace), who passed away seven years ago this summer.

Again, please pray for Reuven Yerachmiel ben Nechama.




At 10:29 PM, Blogger Devorah said...

May your father merit a refuah sheleima bekarov. I have said a Perek tehilim for him.

At 11:39 PM, Blogger Stephen said...

Refuah Shleima. We are saying Tehillim.

At 11:59 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I Wish your father a speedy recovery, will keep him in my toughts and will say a prayer for him.

At 2:05 AM, Blogger Avrumel said...

Refuah Shleima from Ft. Worth TX.

At 5:48 AM, Blogger Rob said...

A refuah Shlemiah, Carl, not only from me but from my two children, whom are far more pious than their father.

Chash Dam,
Rob Miller

At 6:07 AM, Blogger debbie said...

Refuah Shlaimah. I will post it on the local website.


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