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Monday, May 28, 2012

'Our friends the Saudis' ban use of English language and Gregorian calendar

The Saudi government has banned the use of the Gregorian calendar in all official state and business dealings, according to a report in the local daily al-Watan. The Saudis have also banned government and private agencies and businesses from using the English language to answer phone calls or to communicate in general.
According to the report, all ministries and agencies must use only the Islamic calendar and the Arabic language.

Al Watan said the Saudi Interior Ministry believes that some ministries and agencies could “sometimes” use the Gregorian calendar when, for example, coordinating flight schedules with foreign airlines, but only on the condition that it is associated with the corresponding Hijri (Islamic) date.

Here is a useful calendar conversion chart for those of you planning to visit Saudi Arabia soon.
Wait a minute - I thought that the Saudis have to have a religious court declare the beginning of each month. Hmmm.

And by the way, if they don't use English, does that mean they'll stop coming to American universities?

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At 8:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And by the way, if they don't use English, does that mean they'll stop coming to American universities? ----------- We can only hope. I think allowing Muslims to immigrate to the USA is a stupid policy.

At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Are you worried Muslims will change the political scene in the USA? I can understand that :)

Islam belongs everywhere. As for the USA it’s the most popular religion, the 2012 religious Census showed two thirds are converts and rising. Christianity is falling. Banning Muslim immigration won’t halt our influence in any way, only the US would suffer if that were to happen. Oil wealth drives world politics. We don’t have to be living in America to influence it, just pouring money in, is enough.

In any case, American Muslim immigrants are amongst the wealthiest and best educated minorities in the US. As the financial system crumbles in the USA, Islamic finance and Sukuk is thriving. Like Europe and the UK, the USA is now trying to get onto the bandwagon. American Muslims, greatly benefit the USA.

What do you think of Suhaibb Webb? ;)


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Bring in the Replacements

For some Muslim-run companies, that resentment has helped expand their markets.

Zamzam Cola, an Iranian soft drink that was invented as a replacement for U.S. soft drinks after Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution, recently hit the shelves in Bahrain in response to growing anti-U.S. sentiment.


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At 3:15 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

As everyone knows Saudi 'policy' is meaningless drivel they happily ignore when it suits them and ruthlessly enforce what that's to their advantage as well. No English? Oh yes except of course when it comes time to bribe Congress. No western calendar? Right - except for all their terms and conditions in every contract they have with every western firm and government.

Because the only thing more prominent than the reality they are all liars and hypocrites is that they're all thin skinned little hothouse flowers completely in thrall to their own paranoid narcissism.


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