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Friday, May 18, 2012

JPost poll: US voters in Israel prefer Romney by 2-1

A Jerusalem Post survey of Americans in Israel who are eligible to vote shows that Mitt Romney holds a 2-1 lead in Israel. Unfortunately, there are a large number of undecideds (the good news is that most of them disapprove of Obama) and only a relatively small number of Americans in Israel plan to vote.
The poll, which was conducted by the Shvakim Panorama company and released exclusively to The Jerusalem Post, found that 59.9 percent said they would likely, very likely, or definitely vote in the US election, 19.6% said it was unlikely, and 18.1% said they would definitely not cast their ballots.

When asked how they felt about casting their ballots, 44.9% said they felt they had the same right and responsibility as any American citizen to do so, 11.3% said they felt a higher duty to vote, 19.1% had reservations about it, and 17.9% said they felt they should not vote.

Among respondents, presumptive Republican candidate Mitt Romney received 32.3%, compared to US President Barack Obama with 14.7%, with 27.2 calling themselves undecided. The remaining respondents did not provide an answer. Among the 27.2% undecided, 66% said they viewed Obama unfavorably and 19.5% favorably, while 25.6% viewed Romney favorably and 17.3% unfavorably.

Unlike American Jews in the US, who polls have found put domestic issues ahead of Israel, two-thirds of Americans in Israel say Israel-related issues are key for them. When asked to define them, they cited Iran, aid to Israel and the candidates’ position on territorial concessions in Judea and Samaria.

When asked about Obama’s position on Israel, 63% called it unfriendly and 33% friendly.

Asked about his position on the Muslim world, 85% called it friendly and 7% unfriendly.
And lest you think this has no significance:
The organizers [of the iVoteIsrael.com campaign] were inspired to take action by the 2000 presidential race, which was decided by 537 absentee ballots cast in Florida, of which only 64 came from Israel even though there are thousands of Floridians in this country.

Bearing in mind how close the current presidential race could be, they hope a record number of the estimated 150,000 eligible voters in Israel register to vote by absentee ballot and get in their votes on time.
In case you're wondering, yes, I have registered and I vote in New Jersey.

The Chairman of Democrats Abroad - Israel is trying to put a spin on this:
Sheldon Schorer, spokesman for Democrats Abroad-Israel, said, “This was a poll that apparently questioned most Republican voters, and does not accurately describe true voting preferences. In 2008, the voters polled [now] said that they voted for McCain 2 to 1 over Obama, although the actual vote was 78%-21% in favor of President Obama.
Why do I find that hard to believe?

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At 8:21 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...

The Democrat elites and apparatchiks are waking up to the fact that O is in very serious trouble. His core constituencies have lost their enthusiasm for him (remember the O speech to a barely half-filled arena?), centrists are aware of his complete economic failures, he's even lost the women vote, the traditional more leftward of the votes by gender.

The outrageous spin the Dems are putting on things is remarkable to watch and hear. They're inventing all kinds of BS stories to distract from discussing the real issues and O's record of failure. They're coming out with biased polls showing O ahead or at worst neck-and-neck.They're hoping all this propaganda, spread by the lickspittle leftard MSM, will save O.

But there's only so much the liars, propagandists can do. Historically, incumbents running for a second term only lose, and almost always do lose, when the economy is in the toilet. Like today.

There's an old saying, pertinent to the Dems' denial, "Hope makes a good breakfast but a bad dinner."


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