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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Israeli Flame?

In an earlier post, I reported that a new computer virus has invaded Iran, among other countries. There have been two developments on Tuesday morning. First, Iran has admitted that the virus, known as Flame, has caused it to lose considerable data. And second, Deputy Prime Minister Moshe (Boogie) Yaalon has hinted that Israel might be behind the new virus.
In comments that could be construed as suggesting that Israel is behind the "Flame" virus, the latest piece of malicious software to attack Iranian computers, Vice Premier Moshe Ya'alon on Tuesday said that "whoever sees the Iranian threat as a serious threat would be likely to take different steps, including these, in order to hurt them."

Speaking in an interview with Army Radio, Ya'alon further hinted that Jerusalem was behind the cyber attack, saying "Israel is blessed to be a nation possessing superior technology. These achievements of ours open up all kinds of possibilities for us."

Meanwhile, the Iranians are whining about what they lost. This is from the first link.
Iran's MAHER Center said Tuesday that the Flame virus "has caused substantial damage" and that "massive amounts of data have been lost."

The center, which is part of Iran's Communication's Ministry said that the virus' level of complexity, accuracy and high-functionality – noted mostly by the information corrupted – indicated that there is a "relation" to the Stuxnet virus.

Iranian experts said that Flame was able to overcome 43 different anti-virus programs.

While no one knows who is behind "the most sophisticated virus of all times," the bottom line, computer experts say, is that only a state could have developed such a complex virus.
Would you rather that we blow up the facilities instead? Heh.

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At 2:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you rather that we blow up the facilities instead?

bogie Yalon, didn't confirm, and cannot confirm that Israel was behind it.

Israel itself has been affected by the virus. There have been reports that the Israelis are spying on their own, with this FLAME virus, but that doesn't make sense. I suspect that is a line sold by those who want the world to believe that Israel is behind this.

Israel was already or should have already been spying on her own problematic citizens, it didn't FLAME to do that, so why was Israel targeted?

This FLAME virus could have the US behind it, spying on Israel and Iran.

That is assuming that Russia, China or Iran herself are not behind it.

At 6:14 PM, Blogger Adam Neira said...

If we come up with a scale of "100 - Most Likely Nation to make such a clever virus" to "0 - Least Likely Nation to Make such a clever virus", Israel would score about 99.9 such is the quality of its computer programmers and scientists whilst Sao Tome and Principe and Zambia may score down near 0.


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