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Monday, May 21, 2012

Israel Day Parade: Have your say

I received the following by email from Dan F.
As I hope you already know, the “Jewish leaders” who put together the annual NYC Israel Parade (Sunday, June 3) have invited nominally Jewish anti-Israel BDS organizations to march this year. My belief is that the leftist Jewish quislings who made this decision have consolidated their hold on the Jewish organizational world, making them next to impossible to dislodge. But still, there’s no downside to telling them where real friends of Israel stand. Below is a list of parade officials, name, email address, and phone number with extensions. I suggest you email them now and flood them with phone calls during business hours on Monday. For more information about this disgrace click here.

Peter Kohlmann, Executive Producer
kohlmannp@jcrcny.org - 212.983.4800 x162

Michael Mittelman, Director, Celebrate Israel
mittelmanm@jcrcny.org – 212.983.4800 x487

Gianna Bergman, Director, Sponsorships
gianna@celebrateisraelny.org – 203.918.6780

Noam Gilboord, Israel & Internat’l, Program Director
gilboordn@jcrcny.org – 212.983.4800 x489

Karen Ostrove, Parade Creative Director
ostrovek@jcrcny.org – 212.983.4800 x482

Akiva Roth, Israel Engagement Initiative
rotha@jcrcny.org – 212.983.4800 x488
Go do it guys.

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