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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Iran threatens to torpedo P 5+1 talks

With additional sanctions scheduled to go into effect against Iran in June and July, the Iranians are threatening to blow up the P 5+1 talks unless it receives relief from sanctions against its oil and gas and banking sectors.
Iran on Tuesday warned Western countries that pressuring Tehran with sanctions while engaged in nuclear talks would jeopardize chances of reaching an agreement.

"This approach of pressure concurrent with negotiations will never work. These countries should not enter negotiations with such illusions and misinterpretations," foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told a news conference.

"They have their own wrong conceptions and this will stop them from coming to a speedy and constructive agreement," he said in the conference broadcast by state network Press TV.

At last week's talks in Baghdad, Iran pushed for the lifting of sanctions on its oil and banking sectors as a sign of goodwill.

European Union states are to impose a total ban on shipments of Iranian crude oil in July. European diplomats say this tactic will not change until Tehran takes tangible steps to curb its nuclear activity.

Further US legislation that targets Iran's oil industry is to come into force on June 28, days after the next meeting between Iran and world powers in Moscow.
What could go wrong?

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At 6:07 PM, Blogger Adam Neira said...

The circuit breaker is for a 4 day reconvened NPT Conference to be held in Jerusalem by the end of 2012. (Dec. 3rd is a good date BTW.)

P.S. When the Google Team lent their supercomputers to a team of scientists to solve the Rubik's Cube they found it could be done in 20 moves as long as the correct algorithms were in place. They called the magic equation "G-d's Algorithm". The above solution is what Bibi, Obama and Khamenei should seriously be thinking about right now !


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