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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Iran talks: Munich II or Exodus I

I like Dan F's take on the P 5+1 talks, which resume on Wednesday in Baghdad.
The P5+1 talks with the Iranians set for Baghdad on Wednesday are not being held to stop Iran from producing nuclear weapons. They’re being held to declare “encouraging progress” in the talks, making it more difficult for Israel to preemptively attack Iran’s nuclear program. The fear is that Israelis (Jews) will take it upon themselves to save themselves, by themselves, while not asking for anyone’s permission. Such a global panic attack has taken on biblical proportions. Beginning with the Jews enslaved in Egypt, Jews becoming “too strong” is a leitmotif and a pretext for Judeocide that courses through the Torah – and Jewish history.

Anyway, for the present round of talks the fix is in. But the real drama has yet to begin. Will the Jewish State defy the Nations and live, or take the line of least resistance and settle for “life” under the constant threat of annihilation? We should have Israel’s answer before the U.S. elections.

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