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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inevitable: North Korea back to work on reactor

A satellite image obtained by a US-based institute dealing with Korea appears to show that North Korea has resumed work on a nuclear reactor.
The image from a commercial satellite dated April 30 shows progress in construction of the containment building for the light-water reactor at the North's main nuclear facility at Yongbyon, according to the U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

But the institute says the reactor is unlikely to become operational before 2014 or 2015.

Two U.S. academics who visited the site in November 2010 and have studied subsequent satellite imagery, say the reactor appears designed for electricity generation. Other experts fear the reactor could eventually produce plutonium for bombs.

Pyongyang expelled U.N. monitors from its nuclear facilities three years ago, and there is international concern the secretive nation could soon conduct its third nuclear test, after a failed long-range rocket launch last month.

"Regardless of problems with its missiles and uncertainty about another nuclear test, the North is plowing ahead with this reactor, a key part of Pyongyang's strategy to expand its nuclear weapons arsenal," said Joel Wit, editor of the institute's website, 38 North.
Maybe they're on a mad dash to finish before November 6.

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At 5:33 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...

"Maybe they're on a mad dash to finish before November 6."

You nailed it, Carl. Despite what Obama and the Democrats are publicly saying, more and more independent New Media articles are bring out information that the Dems are getting VERY worried about Obama losing. Ignoring their and the MSM's biased polls, real polling is showing Romney ahead and Obama slowly but steadily sinking.

it's the reason that the Democrats are desperately trying to change the subject with BS, "Republican war on women", the already-debunked story of Romney teen age bullying, etc. They must do this or otherwise they'll be forced to address Obama and the Democrats' record for the last four years.

It's my hope -the Lord willing- that we see Romney elected, the Republicans win a Senate majority and increase their House majority. Then, with the adults back in charge, we can get started repairing America.

Historically, US presidents only lose a second term election when the economy is really bad. Like today. Clinton did understand that-"It's the economy, stupid!" It's the American peoples' way of showing their extreme displeasure by "firing" the incumbent, and punishing his party in Congress as well.

(I only hope that the Democrats don't dump Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. They both are constantly, greatly offensive to a huge number of conservatives and centrists. They're walking, talking symbols of Democrat ignorance, arrogance. Every time Pelosi steps in front of a mike and camera, she raises votes for the Republicans.)


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