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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How the 'Palestinians' promote peace

This is how the 'Palestinian Authority' promotes peace (Hat Tip: Ofir Gendelman via Twitter).
The 33-year-old Mohammad Abu Samra, principal of Al Salam Secondary School in the city of Qalqiliya, north of West Bank, was transferred after he organised a picnic for 45 pupils of grade 11 and 12 to the Jafa beach in Israel.


He said each student who went on the picnic had to provide a parental approval, saying that they knew that their sons were heading to the beach that would have women. “It is illogical and unfair for me to be punished,” he said.


According to Abu Samra, the ministry, in the past, had sent a memo, encouraging schools to organise picnics to the 1948 areas. The Israeli authorities also granted the pupils and their supervisors visit permits, which usually expire at 7pm.

Speaking to Gulf News, Abu Samra said the pupils were all in the age group 17-20 years and it was extremely difficult to control them on the beach. “It is true that in keeping with the regulations of the Ministry of Education, the pupils were not allowed to swim, but how could I have controlled them once they were there?” he said.


Abu Samra said at sunset, as the Israeli permits were about to expire, he instructed his pupils to get ready to go back home. However, at the same time, a group of Israeli men and women were preparing a dance floor with a DJ around.

“On our way to the bus, my pupils were attracted to the music and I could not say no to them,” he said. “My pupils started dancing and I also joined them at the beginning to let them have fun,” he said, stressing that their dance had attracted some Israeli men and women to the beach.

“Those Israelis and a child joined us on the dance floor and I could not object or ask them to leave,” he said, adding that the dance lasted for about 10-20 minutes. “It was purely unintentional and that has affected my future,” he said.
Maybe he should have taken them to Gaza's Olympic-sized swimming pool instead. Heh.

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