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Monday, May 28, 2012

Great news: Iran has enough uranium for five nukes

An IAEA report released on Friday indicates that Iran has enough uranium to build five nuclear weapons.
Analysis of the International Atomic Energy Agency report on Iran’s nuclear program by the Institute for Science and International Security found that Tehran has 6,197 kg of light enriched (3.5 percent) uranium. That amount could yield five nuclear weapons if enriched to 95% purity.

The report noted that Iran’s average monthly enrichment of uranium has accelerated drastically since its last investigation in February, and that Iran is continuing to enrich its nuclear stock to 20% purity. The IAEA estimated that Iran has produced a total of 145.6 kg of 20% enriched uranium.

The IAEA experts also found particles enriched up to 27% at the Fordo nuclear facility. That is higher than the 20% declared by Iran and closer to the weapons-grade material used in nuclear missiles.

The findings showed Iran is pressing ahead with its uranium enrichment despite UN resolutions calling on it to suspend the activity.
Yet the Obama administration continues its game of Chicken over an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

What could go wrong?

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