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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Forward publishes a cartoon that even Abe Foxman doesn't like

A guy gets on a plane for a few hours and things continue to happen. The 'cartoonist in residence' of the radical leftist 'Jewish' Daily Forward has decided that President Obama's support for gay marriage merits making him a victim of gay rape... by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (of course). Except that the Forward didn't dare to publish it. That was left to the even more radical +972 Magazine, which is financed by the New Israel Fund. Adam Kredo puts the scorecard together.
In the cartoon, cartoonist Eli Valley portrays the two leaders alone in space, and depicts Netanyahu forcing himself on the president.

The Forward, which has come under fire from Jewish insiders for shirking its journalistic responsibilities to promote a far left agenda, has decried what it claims are unfair conservative political attacks.

However, it has remained mum thus far regarding Valley’s latest offering.

Valley is also a contributor to a Jewish-themed blog operated by the liberal author Peter Beinart on the Daily Beast’s website.
This one has even upset Abe Foxman. I guess because it wasn't done by a Muslim.
In an interview with The Algemeiner, Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League criticized cartoonist Eli Valley’s newest creation which depicts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu raping President Obama and eating his limbs as he forces him to implement his demands, which include the deployment of an American built “intergalactic robot ray gun” to protect Israel from “possible meteor showers”. “Its offensive and obnoxious and crosses the line,” Foxman said.

“Cartoonists usually have much greater leeway of criticism because they are cartoonists, but even within that framework it crosses the line,” he told the Algemeiner.
Ah, but Foxman doesn't recognize it as anti-Semitic. Hmmm.

Fresno Zionism has a sampling of Valley's work here. This isn't the first time that Valley has stepped 'over the line.' But here's the curious part: Valley has a 'day job' and it might surprise some of you.
Ironically, in addition to his gig at the Forward, Valley has a day job as a writer and editor for The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life, an organization created by hedge fund billionaire Michael Steinhardt, one of the founders of Birthright Israel. And another major contributor to Birthright ($100 million) is none other than “casino mogul” Sheldon Adelson!

But there’s more. One of the projects of the Steinhardt Foundation is called the Steinhardt Social Research Institute, which engages in exactly the same kind of research as Bucky Shvitz. And Steinhardt-funded research just happens to show that Jewish identity is positively related to support for to Israel. These findings directly contradict the argument of Peter Beinart that young American Jews are repelled by the reality of today’s Jewish state.

In other words, the same organized Jewish community that Valley attacks in his cartoons as corrupt, the very community that does see identification with Israel as the path to preserving Jewish identity, is Valley’s meal ticket!

And Valley’s cartoons not only attack the research funded by his employer, but even suggest that researchers have been bribed to reach pro-Israel conclusions!
Maybe this will be enough to get Valley fired. Of course, that would just give him more material, wouldn't it?

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