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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don't let him fool you: Obama allowed Israel to be excluded from the NATO summit to satisfy the Turks

The State Department is scrambling to deny it, but the reality is that Israel has been excluded from the NATO summit in Chicago because President Hussein Obama's best friend forever, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, wanted it that way.
Administration officials first condescendingly insisted that critics had a “misconception” about how NATO worked. There just wasn’t enough time and space to invite members from “all those partnerships and alliance[s].” Then it turned out that there was room for members of the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative. The Initiative, though undoubtedly valuable, is unlikely to be as critical to NATO’s core focus on the Mediterranean than the Mediterranean Dialogue of which Israel is a part.

So last week the standard for attendance shifted. The new bar was participation in the NATO missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo. Quote-unquote from NATO’s Secretary-General Rasmussen: “Israel has not been invited to attend the summit because Israel is neither a participant in ISAF, nor in KFOR.”

But that still won’t work. Summit participant Jordan is a formal ISAF partner but provides exactly nothing worth listing to the mission. Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and Qatar are also in Chicago, even though none are in ISAF or KFOR.

One wonders, then, what new excuse the Obama administration will trot out this week?

The answer can’t be about providing input on Kosovo or Afghanistian. That might colorably bring the Stans on board – regional presence, supply lines, etc – but not Qatar. Even worse for the administration’s prevarication, they can’t use that to justify excluding Israel. It was just last month when IAF chief Ido Nechushtan was awarded a U.S. Air Force decoration for the contributions the IAF has made to America’s war-fighting capabilities in Afghanistan. If the goal is to brainstorm how to fight in and/or withdraw from the country, Israeli input would seem relatively valuable.

The White House’s overarching narrative is that Turkey never vetoed Israel’s invitation to the Chicago summit because Israel was never invited to the Chicago summit. That’s hard to believe but – if it’s true – it’s a cause for deep concern. Invitations were sent out to over 30 non-NATO members, including those with no connections to NATO, but no one remembered to invite the American ally and NATO partner that controls the Middle East’s most powerful military? Forget the Obama White House’s supine acquiescence to Turkey’s neo-Ottoman weight throwing. According to this theory, the most successful military alliance in history is being run by idiots.
Just imagine what it will be like if God forbid Obama is reelected. Not only will Israel be excluded from NATO, but NATO might even be used to attack Israel.

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At 1:57 AM, Blogger HaDaR said...

Obama has nothing to do with this...
Turkey is one of the most important members of NATO, willed so by the Arabist US State Department in 1952 as an anti-Soviet maneuver, in spite of Turkey's regime fully dictatorial nature.
Turkey has full rights to DEMAND the exclusion of non members from meetings...and, in any case, Turkey has been just like Saudi Arabia, one of the State department's favorite satrapies.

At 2:50 AM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

The reason they offered was exclude non participants in Libya and Kosovo operations. Of course there are many NATO members at this summit who would be excluded by the rules Turkey named. It's about Jew hate. The upside is that current course and speed Turkey will be back in the 19th century soon.

At 3:09 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Carl.

"Not only will Israel be excluded from NATO, but NATO might even be used to attack Israel."
These words might be prophetic.

At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the occupation doesn't end the idol of *Zionism isn't confined to Israel within internationally recognised borders, NATO will attack Israel.

There is no other way, to stop this rogue nation with it's hugh nuclear and army, except a military solution, maybe even nuclear, since Israel is a nuclear power.

We hold all the aces, the fuckheaded tin pot American boot licking dictators plaguing the Middle East, havn't realised how to use the treasures God put under our feet.

The plan of action is thus:

1. Give 24 hours for the liberal pro peace Israelis to leave. Rightists and Islamophobes should be prevented from leaving.

2. The Likud and their supporters, the Nationalisit Religous camp, all anti Palestinian and Islamophobes should be penned inside Israel,

3.Planeloads of radical Zionists in the US and around the world, including the CUFI Armeggedon cult and every Islamophobe on the planet (usually pro Israel) should be shipped to Israel.

4.Then Nato should attack from all sides. A fireworks display of the century.

5. Ordinarily I wouldn't support a nuclear attack, but since Israel does have nuclear weapons, NATO should drop a nucear bomb on Dimona first.

That is the ideal scenario.

If point 3 isn't feasible (not likely unless fascists like Joe Walsh take over the US) i'd settle for a solution without point 3, we can handle all those later country by country. This solution is very likely.


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