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Friday, May 18, 2012

Debbie “Doesn’t-Do-Dishes-on-Shabbos” Wasserman Schultz's Operation No Exodus

Debbie “Doesn’t-Do-Dishes-on-Shabbos” Wasserman Schultz explains how she's going to keep Florida's Jews in line with Obama (Hat Tip: Sara L via Twitter).
Wasserman Schultz was asked why Democrats were spearheading a campaign unabashedly aimed at “sucking up to the Jewish vote,” especially in her home state of Florida, widely viewed as the most important swing state for Obama in 2012. She replied, “It’s the Orthodox Jews, stupid. Some of my best friends are Jewish—I mean Orthodox—but here in Florida, we can’t take any chances, especially after that schmuck—I mean my good friend, Anthony Weiner – lost the NY 9 seat that’s been warmed by Democrat tushies – I mean Congressmen – for almost one hundred years.”

The DNC Chair, however, was only getting started. “We’re going to do much more than just schlep for Obama,” she gushed, referencing how comedian Sarah Silverman recruited skeptical Jewish voters in 2008 for then-candidate Obama after his cozy ties to Jeremiah Wright came to light.

As a kickoff to the “Operation NO EXODUS” campaign, Wasserman Schultz hosted a Town Hall meeting not far from her Pembroke Pines office over the weekend. Audience members were snacking on bagels with schmear and Danish rugelach as they grumbled skeptically about the President’s “Shoechanging” speech at the United Nations last week..

Many of the elderly residents bussed in to attend were sporting “Herman Cain Says ‘Don’t Mess With Israel’” buttons, as well as Rick Perry and Mitt Romney-themed tennis balls on their walkers. Reporters for TWF also noticed several Toyota Camry bumpers in the parking lot with Obama/Biden stickers partially scratched off.

“This should be off the record but I’m too excited to keep it under wraps. Sarah Silverman has agreed to come down here to help me organize a Halloween bash for all the Century Villagers of Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We don’t know if President Obama will be able to attend, but I can tell you that I’m going as Golda Meir, and Rahm Emanuel, who is also joining us, will either dress as David Ben Gurion or Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch. We’re going to do some focus groups up in Boca to see which masquerades work the best. No tricks – just treats.”
Read the whole thing. Heh.

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At 7:40 AM, Blogger adilkahir said...

If only the elderly Jews this woman is making fun of could do what they should.. That is put Wasserman Schultz, Silverman and Emanuel on a boat and ship them off to Cuba or Syria or wherever these traitors belong. What sane Jew would fall for 'wait until after the election' Obama's BS?

At 1:30 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

let her bring her shaygitz husband along.


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