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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bush and Obama: Together at last

We need to get into the mood for this one first, so let's go to the videotape.

Barry Rubin reports that former President Bush and (hopefully soon-to-be-former) President Obama are together at last... in misunderstanding the Middle East.
Bush writes:

"We do not get to choose if a freedom revolution should begin or end in the Middle East or elsewhere. We only get to choose what side we are on."

While one should not overestimate U.S. influence, one should also not underestimate it. Consider:

--In the Gaza Strip, by supporting the inclusion of Hamas in elections for which it was not qualified to run (since it had not accepted the Oslo accords), Bush’s own administration ensured that there would be a radical Islamist revolution in the Gaza Strip. This weakened the already dim prospects for any Israel-Palestinian peace process, has already brought one war, and will certainly bring others.

--In Lebanon, by refusing to give strong support to the moderate forces, the last two presidents ensured that the “freedom revolution” in that country would end in an Iran-Syria-Hizballah takeover.

--In Egypt, by taking the side not only of a total overthrow of the regime and even openly and unilaterally supporting the possibility of a Muslim Brotherhood government, the Obama Administration did help ensure that the fundamental transformation of Egypt began with the inevitable end of an anti-freedom Islamist regime.

--In Iran, by ignoring the upsurge of protest following the stolen election, the Obama Administration ensured that a “freedom revolution” didn’t get started there.

--In Syria, by refusing for all practical purposes to help the rebels, the U.S. government ensured that the “freedom revolution” would be defeated. Equally bad, by giving disproportionate help to the Islamists, the administration made it far more likely that if the rebellion succeeded it wouldn’t be a “freedom revolution.”
Hmmm. Maybe Americans need to take foreign policy a bit more seriously in choosing their Presidents.

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At 12:34 PM, Blogger HaDaR said...

They have been together for a long time in being total idiots on the middle east...
It was Bush who in 2001 was the FIRST sitting US President to speak of a "Palestinian State" (before 9/11) and immediately after to LIE to the American public and to the whole world and say that Islam means "peace" while it means submission.
The shrub did it for ignorance, family nazi and Arab ties and oil interests; the oh-bamba did it because he is an ignorant liar, and because of his marxist sympathies...
Two faces of the same Jew-hating medal!


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