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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yes, that was a knife in his hand

On Tuesday, I published the photo below and asked whether anyone thought that the International Solidarity Movement terror supporter in the picture was carrying a knife.
Lee Kaplan has blown up the photo, and it's fairly obvious that is a knife in the guy's hand.
There's much more about that video that you couldn't see in the edited version you were shown. Read all about it here.

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At 8:07 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Facts are to be eliminated under the Leftists. Just look at that guy in Florida... a Hispanic guy volunteering on his neighborhood association... getting his head smashed on the pavement by an apparently gangbanger type "kid" (17 yr old - a "kid" not so much). The fact of the knife against your IDF guys and the traumatic brain injury inducing smashing in Florida have got to be buried by the ones who want intimate control over life and death of the proletariat. It's kind of like all the people, including the Israeli govt people, who never say a word about the rockets from Gaza falling on Israeli civilians... I have a fit about those almost daily. And surely everyone is sick of hearing it. But the people having a tantrum (knife-wielders, skull smashers, rocketeers, drug dealers) do not have priority over regular people, except under Marxist dictatorships, where they are somehow the favored ones.

At 2:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

please do not compare this to the zimmerman case. as someone who used to volunteer for a neighborhood watch, he did things that at least make it appear that he was looking for trouble...and the kid had no gang affiliation

as for this...im confused. the ism is a terrorist org. if a hamas member walked down the street unarmed, no one would blink an eye if he was shot.

here in america, if an al quaida member was riding his bike in central park, no one would give two craps if the entire nypd pounced on him and beat him to a bloody pulp

what happened is a non issue, the problem remains with israel being tuck in the early 20th century, when it comes to pr defense

i will say it again...all patrols must go out with their own video cameras

when an incident occurs, immediately get out a press release that uses all social media

who the ism are should have been broadcast everywhere...and what exactly happened should have been broadcast everywhere...immediately...not days later when it doesnt matter

but it wont happen, cuz israelis are damn stubborn people


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